You can be completely wire free with these little headphones

And it's harder to lose them than you'd think

If you saw our post on Tinsel’s headphone-integrated necklace, you’ll know how strongly I feel about the tangle goblin and his relentless quest to ruin all of my headphones. The Dipper necklace was a good solution to this, but it didn’t eradicate wires completely, and as someone who likes to sleep listening to music, that’s a bit of a problem. So often I wake up halfway through the night with my headphone wires tangled around my neck, and since my only wireless headphones are over-ear and not the most comfortable things to sleep in, I’ve just continued to risk asphyxiation.

That’s why I can’t deny an interest in these Skybuds wireless earbuds from Alpha Audiotronics that are seeking funding on Kickstarter – it’s a matter of personal safety at this point that I find a comfortable wireless in-ear experience. Rather than try to organise or stylise pesky headphone wires, Skybuds just eliminate them as a problem completely with small buds that fit in your ear, transmitting music and calls from your phone or other devices via Bluetooth.

To be honest, we’re all quite used to Bluetooth technology in our headphones by this point, it’s all the little extras that come with Skybuds that make them really interesting; they pretty much cover all the bases. Rather than having a separate charger and carrying case for the earbuds, Skybuds come with a case that performs both of these functions, effectively reducing the number of things you can lose, which is always a bonus. The case has two charging ports at the bottom on each side, one for each earbud, where you can store the earbuds when you’re not using them and know they’ll be charging. However, not only does the case charge the earbuds, it also acts as a battery pack to charge your phone.

Another useful feature is the accompanying app, which monitors battery use and allows you to choose when the case will start charging your phone, if at all. The app also has a connection to trackers built into the earbuds so that you can find them if you lose them, which is a good idea because, really, they look pretty easy to lose.

Really, Skybuds aren’t just wireless earphones, they’re a phone case, a battery pack, and a Bluetooth headset all in one, which is pretty impressive. It’s just a shame they’re only for the iPhone 6 and 6S – and that they make your phone so much bigger. But you have to start somewhere, I suppose, and the company has promised that they have plans to develop cases for other phone brands. Another drawback is the battery life. Skybuds will only last for around three to four hours, which means on a long-haul flight or a day where you’re particularly reliant upon music, you’ll have to take a pause and plug them back in to let them charge. It’s probably fortunate that you’ll always have the charger on you to make this process a little less annoying.

Skybuds also aren’t going to be all that cheap, so if you want a bargain it’s probably best to get in on the Kickstarter while you still can. With 8 days to go, Alpha Audiotronics have managed to beat their $200,000 goal by almost $16,000 so it’s definitely worth your time donating another $225 (£150) to get a pair of earbuds delivered in May 2016, before they start retailing at $300 (£200). When you consider just what you’re getting $300 isn’t massively extortive, but who wants to miss out on a discount?

Main Image via Kickstarter