Alanis Morissette did an updated version of ‘Ironic’ referencing Tinder, Uber, and Snapchat

Back in the day, we'd have had to tape this off the TV

It might depress you to find out that Alanis Morissette’s iconic ‘Ironic’ was released in 1995, otherwise known as TWENTY YEARS AGO.

But it’s OK. Everything’s just as rubbish now as it was then, as evidenced by the updated lyrics Morissette busted out on the Late Late Show with James Corden this week. Referencing everything from racist Facebook friends to erroneous Tinder swipes, she proves that while iPhones and social networks might have changed our whole lives, they haven’t made them any less facepalm-worthy. Not that facepalming was a thing in 1995.

Video courtesy of The Guardian

We couldn’t help identifying with this:

(Although should that be “that nobody likes” now that Twitter have done a Facebook and changed the stars into hearts? Sigh, everything moves so quickly these days).

This definitely didn’t happen in 1995:

But some things never change, eh, Alanis?

Speaking of which, we can’t say the singer seems much different herself. Here’s the original video:

Two decades later, she’s barely changed! And she finally acknowledged that none of the things in the song – old or new – were actually ironic.

They’re just a bit of a pisser. But that’d be a terrible chorus, wouldn’t it?

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