Mystery Science Theatre 3000 could be making a return

Let's make it happen, people!

A TV show doesn’t have to be a commercial success to drum up a devoted fan following; with shows like Veronica Mars turning to the internet in times of funding need and finding success, it’s no surprise that we’re seeing it happen more and more. The latest show looking for a revival is the wonderful Mystery Science Theatre 3000.

If you haven’t heard of MST3K, it’s part of the riffing genre, and its premise is pretty simply: A mad scientist has launched a man into space and tortures him with psychological experiments that involve him watching some of the worst films ever made. To keep his sanity the man talks back to the screen alongside two sassy robots reminiscent of Statler and Waldorf from the Muppets.

We haven’t seen anything from the show since 1999 but its creator, Joel Hodgson, wants to bring it back for a new generation and he’s launched a Kickstarter to give us the chance to make it happen. The Kickstarter has a pretty lofty goal: $2 million. This money will be used to make three feature length episodes of classic movie mocking which Hodgson will then use to try and get the show back on the air, funded by a TV network or online platform. Hodgson says that for every $1.1 million they raise over this they’ll be able to create another new episode, and if they reaches $1 billion they’ll “adopt a real live teenage boy and Truman Show him into believing he is the Pumaman.” I’m holding out hopes that they reach that goal.

Actually, considering they’ve managed to raise $953,191 and they still have 30 days left to go, this could be possible. Or at least, reaching the $2 million minimum could be possible. I’ll probably have to start a separate Kickstarter for the Truman Show thing myself. Mystery Science Theatre 3000 clearly has an enduring appeal. It won’t be completely the same, though. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Hodgson revealed that the new version of the show would have a completely new cast. And when asked on a Reddit AMA if he was planning on featuring modern movies or focussing on films from the 50s to the 90s like the original series, Hodgson said that “There are definitely some movies from after 1999 that are ripe for riffing.” Really, the show needs this to keep itself fresh and appeal to a whole new generation of viewers.

If you’d like to help bring MST3K back you can head over to the Kickstarter page now. The minimum donation is $10 (around £6.50) but if you’ve got a lot more to give $7,500 (£5000) could get you producer credits on the show. The riff genre might be saturated, but no one does it quite like MST3K so we hope they make a comeback.

Main Image via Kickstarter