Playstation is releasing a Darth Vader controller

This could be the Dualshock you're looking for

We weren’t overly keen on the limited edition Star Wars Playstation when it was announced back in August. There’s just something about plastering Vader’s face across the console and letting the Jedi blue indicator light slice through his head that seems in bad taste. Although admittedly, now, there’s something about the sound of the fan in my Playstation that would make having Darth’s mask on it kind of apt.

The controller that comes with the console, however, isn’t quite as bad. Inspired by the Sith Lord’s chest plate, it has a little bit more subtlety than the console. It still isn’t all that good-looking, and it has Star Wars etched on its touchpad in a way that makes it feel like it’s inspired by The Shining, but we definitely like it more.

Playstation have obviously seen an opportunity with this controller too, because they’re giving fans the chance to buy it on its own. The controller will be available from November 19th, just in time for you to buy it with your copy of Star Wars Battlefront. As you’d expect, it’s a little more expensive than your average controller, sitting at £54.99 to pre-order on Amazon.

Main Image via Amazon