Someone at Bloomingdale’s actually thought this creepy page was a good idea

Tis the season to encourage date rape apparently

You can practically hear ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ playing when you look at this page in American department store Bloomingdale’s holiday catalogue.

The page says ‘Spike your best friend’s eggnog when they’re not looking,’ and shows a man in a suit, who looks disturbingly like Robin Thicke, giving the creepiest side-eye imaginable to a laughing woman.

Sure, nothing says you’re in the festive spirit like getting your friend drunk without their knowledge. At best this says “be a shit friend this Christmas” and at worst, when taking the image into consideration, it actually promotes rape.

There was plenty of understandable outrage on Twitter:



Bloomingdale’s have, as you’d expect, issued an apology on Twitter:

But, honestly, we’re amazed the page ever got to see the light of day because there’s absolutely no way to interpret it positively. None. What were you trying to promote, Bloomingdale’s? What? The only thing we’ve managed to take away is that if anyone you know that shops at Bloomingdale’s offers you an eggnog this Christmas we suggest you decline and back away slowly.

What a Bloomingfail.

Image via Imgur