Spray on nail polish could change everything

Because who has the time or the money for anything else?

As someone with limited time and even more limited control over an incredibly shaky left hand, painting my nails is a bit of a chore. I don’t have the money or the dedication for regular manicures, either, so if I want a bit of colour on my nails I’m pretty much stuck with having a neat right hand, and a left hand that looks like it was painted mid-jog. Then I leave my nails to chip to a horrendous degree until I find time on a Sunday night to paint them again and the messy, smudging cycle starts all over again. I admire the super humans who can have their lives and their nails in good order.

That’s why I can definitely understand the appeal of Nails Inc’s new product “The Paint Can.” It’s a new range of nail polish that comes in the form of a spray can – all you have to do is apply a base coat, spray the polish evenly over your fingernails or toenails, let it dry, and then wash it the excess paint off your skin with warm water, or a cleansing wipe if you’re on the go. All in all the process should take a couple of minutes at most, which is time I’m completely willing to make. You’ll probably want to lay some paper under your hands when you do it though, unless you’re willing to dip all of your belongings in the base coat, and maybe emulsion your home with it for good measure. You can see it in action here:

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If you’re interested there’s currently only two colours to choose from: the pink ‘Hoxton Market’ and the silver ‘Shoreditch Lane.’ Paint Can costs £10 and is available now from the Nails Inc website, with a two-in-one top and base coat costing an additional £8.

Main Image via Nails Inc