The Zoolander 2 movie poster is a giant advert for the Samsung Galaxy S6

Black Sapphire Steel?

There’s another Zoolander film on the way next year, a full 15 years after the 2001 original. A lot’s changed in that time, not least Derek Zoolander’s phone.

Remember the tiny little flip phone he sported in the original?

Well, judging by the official movie poster for Zoolander 2, that Lilliputian handset has been replaced by a whopping great Samsung Galaxy S6:

The logos on his and Handsel’s twin handsets have been Photoshopped to make them much less prominent, but they’re definitely still there:

Left: Paramount Pictures. Right: Samsung

While it makes total sense for Derek and Hansel to be massive selfie fans by 2016, we’re not remotely convinced they’d be Samsung users. Zoolander’s not bright enough for Android, for a start. And Hansel, clad head to toe in Apple Store white, wouldn’t opt for the matching handset? Come on.

We’re guessing Samsung paid tonnes of money for the cool factor of being Derek Zoolander’s smartphone of choice. Awkwardly, though, the film’s coming out in February – and if Samsung follow the same pattern as last year, they’ll be unveiling the S6’s successor the same month at Mobile World Congress. So poor old Derek might be old news before most of us even see the film.

At least he still has his looks.

Images: Paramount Pictures

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