This video perfectly parodies all those ’empowering’ ads aimed at women

"There's literally no limit to the amount of empowerment we can empower through the power of our brands"

Have you noticed how advertising towards women has done a bit of a U-turn lately? Instead of trying to make us feel self-conscious and bad about ourselves, now it’s all about loving ourselves just the way we are, as long as ‘the way we are’ is facilitated by expensive and often unnecessary products that cost 20% more because they come in pink packaging.

This new video by Toronto advertising agency John St absolutely nails it:

From the amazing poster behind the spokeswoman:

To the painfully plausible mock ads they’ve created for real brands:

They get it exactly right. And as the script cheekily acknowledges, the message often has sod all to do with the product:

“A lot of marketers think in order for their brand to really benefit from a female empowerment message, they somehow have to tie back to females or even equality, but that’s actually not the case.”

After all, the company behind those Dove “real women” ads – Unilever – is the same one selling Lynx to men by promising them drooling, bikini-clad women. And there are dozens of similar examples.

John St has gone the whole hog and even made an agency website. Whether it brings them more clients as an ad agency themselves remains to be seen (we can’t imagine Always knocking on their door anytime soon), but either way – we have two words: nailed. It.

H/T: Now Toronto via Reddit. All images: John St


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