Topshop is launching a range of contactless payment accessories

Spending money never looked this good

Topshop is making contactless payment a little more fun looking with their new collection of accessories that incorporate bPay by Barclaycard contactless payment technology.

Featuring accessories such as wristbands, phone cases, stickers, and keychains, the collection will be available in two designs: a bright monster fish print initially, and later a luxe metal and snake effect design. The accessories in the range have all been created to discreetly hold the small bPay contactless chip so that when you see the contactless payment symbol and you’re paying under £30, you simply have to tap and go. They can even be used on London buses and the underground.

Tami Hargreaves, Commercial Director, Digital Consumer Payments at Barclaycard said:

“This is a really exciting partnership with TOPSHOP and marks the first time that our bPay chip is being incorporated into a product range from a major fashion retailer.

“The collaboration shows how the worlds of fashion and technology can combine to create a stylish and easy new way for people to pay using contactless, for everyday things – be it a morning coffee, a new lipstick or a bus trip across town.”

Sensibly, payments made using the accessories are going to have the same fraud protection that is applied to contactless cards and if your accessory is lost or stolen you can shut it down via the bPay mobile app or bPay website.

This is a neat idea. Even if it does feel a bit like you’re spending your money to look good whilst you’re spending your money, as a matter of convenience it’d be nice to be able to leave the house knowing you always have funds as long as you’ve got your contactless payment keyring on your keys. Plus, paying for the tube with one of these would definitely brighten the morning commute.

The accessories will cost between £15 and £32 and they’ll be available in selected Topshop stores and on Topshop’s website from 17th November 2015.

Images via Topshop