It looks like Minecraft is coming to Wii U

Fingers crossed for some cool gamepad integration

Minecraft should soon be coming to Wii U consoles if a listing on the PEGI ratings board spotted by an eagle-eyed NeoGAF user is anything to go by.

Considering we haven’t heard anything about Minecraft coming to Wii U before, this is a bit of a surprise. It’s highly likely that we’ll hear more about it on the Nintendo Direct episode that broadcasts at 10pm tonight.

This seems like a pretty good move for the Minecraft franchise and Nintendo. The game absolutely suits the Wii U, and I really hope the reason it’s taken so long to announce this is that Nintendo were coming up with some clever and original ways to integrate the Wii Gamepad into gameplay. Plus, if Nintendo manage to secure permission to release Minecraft Amiibo they might just drown in money.

Another notable thing is the listed release date which is, er, today? This Nintendo Direct broadcast could be very interesting if Nintendo are planning to launch the game on the e-store immediately afterwards.

So, what devices will Minecraft invade next? Microwaves? That’s pretty much the only thing left, right?

Main Image via Game UK