New favourite YouTube channel: See Jane Drill

"The only DIY home improvement channel where a woman provides professional instruction."

When it comes to mechanical DIY videos on YouTube, there’s not exactly an abundance of channels with female hosts, and there aren’t all that many genuinely helpful resources for beginners either. That’s what makes See Jane Drill such a breath of fresh air. Created by Leah and Karen, the channel’s mission is “to take the mystery out of all things mechanical, so that people can fix, renew, and restore their own stuff.”

The videos on See Jane Drill are hosted by co-founder Leah and they cover a whole host of things: electrics, car repair, building furniture, plumbing, plastering, painting, and more. Leah has over 30 years’ experience in the construction industry, and you can absolutely tell she knows a lot, so it’s especially to her credit that she’s able to translate all of her expertise into easy to understand terms.

You can’t help but enjoy watching Leah, she’s bright, engaging, and never patronising. You genuinely feel like she wants to help you and that at least takes some of the stress out of standing over your bathroom sink knowing you have to unclog it one way or another.

It’s not just a YouTube channel, either: co-founder Karen runs the See Jane Drill website which features a whole host of articles, and written instructions for repair if watching videos doesn’t quite suit how you learn to do things.

See Jane Drill adds new videos every Thursday, and frankly we’ve never been so excited about doing it ourselves.

Main image: YouTube