This infuriating mini-game can tell you how old your reaction time makes you

...and we did not do well.

If we look grumpy today, it’s because we’ve been endlessly playing this reaction mini-game from parking app JustPark, and getting insulted by the results. It tests your reaction time and tells you how old that makes you – and that’s basically it.

JustPark’s tests show that regular drivers react 10% faster than non-drivers (excuse #1 for me), people with 8 hours+ sleep were up to 20% faster (that’ll be excuse #2) and that alcohol consumption reduced reaction times by 20% (it’s 2pm and I’m at my desk. So… no.)

The game is right up there with Flappy Bird in terms of rage-making addictiveness. See for yourself, but don’t blame us if you get nothing done for the rest of the day:

(Via by JustPark).

JustPark (who you might remember by their old name, ParkatmyHouse) specialise in matching drivers with spare parking spaces – but if you ask us, they’d be better off in the game development business. Move over, Candy Crush.

Main image: JustPark

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