Xbox is promoting the launch of Rise of the Tomb Raider in the weirdest way

Real fans don't just play the game, they LIVE the game

If you’re in the SE1 postcode in London today, make time to take a stroll past the videogame PR stunt to end all videogame PR stunts. If you’re not in London, worry not, you can watch events unfold on a live stream.

To promote the Xbox release of Rise of the Tomb Raider, Microsoft’s chucking snow, wind, heat, and rain at eight admirably dedicated Tomb Raider fans who are strung up on a billboard in London. The idea is apparently inspired by the Siberian setting of the game. And possibly the general concept of sadism. I’m not sure why the age limit for viewing the stream is 18. It gives me second-hand apprehension for these contestants and the next 24 hours of their lives.

The last person standing on the billboard after 24 hours will apparently win “a trip inspired by Tomb Raider.” I really hope for the sake of these poor people that’s not as harrowing as it sounds. I think after going through this I’d want to lie poolside with daiquiris on tap with the only Tomb Raider inspired element being the presence of a butler.

It’s amazing this is a thing you can actually watch happen. In fact, you aren’t even limited to just watching, you can vote for the weather the contestants have to face. I’m not really sure how this is supposed to make us want to buy Tomb Raider, but I’ve watched it so it’s definitely doing something.

Thank God Fallout didn’t decide to take this kind of marketing route. Sponsored apocalypse, anyone?

Mainimage via Xbox UK