Do you want to have sex with your phone? You’re in luck

The IZIVIBE is basically a phone case dildo

What’s with all the strange new products today? First the piano toilet mat, now a phone case you can get jiggy with.

The IZIVIBE claims to be “the world’s first sex toy which uses the vibrations of your smartphone!” (exclamation mark theirs). These are presumably conveyed into the silicone phallus at the top.

We have three issues with this:

  1. The vibrations on our phones are nowhere near strong enough to be useful
  2. It looks like it’s designed for internal use, whereas the vibrating bit of a sex toy is usually a little bullet thing for the outside
  3. You’d be boning your phone.

There’s only one photo and it looks strongly like a render, so our Spidey Senses are tingling a bit. It’s entirely possible it’s a hoax product, as the dildo selfie stick unsurprisingly turned out to be.

If it is real, it’s only compatible with iPhone and Apple Watch. Absolutely no comment on that. *snigger*

There’s no price or release date yet, but you can sign up for updates on the website if you want. You big weirdo.

Main image: IZIVIBE

Holly Brockwell
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