Mrs Claus getting paid half Santa’s wage is “in no way indicative of a gender pay divide at Christmas Kingdom”

All we want for Christmas is equality

The gender pay gap is news to precisely nobody, but a Christmas-themed resort in Newport has managed to make it more obvious than most.

As the BBC reports, Christmas Kingdom at Celtic Manor Resort has advertised the jobs of Mr and Mrs Claus with staggeringly different remuneration packages. Santa is looking to make £12 an hour, while his long-suffering wife gets just £6.70.

The resort’s explanation for this is that Santa is a bigger deal, basically:

“The difference in pay reflects only the more skilled requirements and responsibilities of the Santa role and is, in no way, indicative of a gender pay divide at Christmas Kingdom.”

These are words that should never need to be said.

We haven’t seen the relevant job ad, but based on our experience of tech recruiting, we can expect it to go something like this:

Are you a rockstar Santa with a massive sack?

Can you keep the little people happy while delivering the really big stuff in a gift-wrapped box of awesome? Can you handle full-stack chimneys while also getting jiggy with Reindeer.JS? Can you make it to work even when we’re ass-deep in snow? Then ho-ho-homie, you’re hired. Perks include unlimited holiday (January-November), free reclaimed artisan carrots, and kale-infused organic mince pies (note: not gluten-free).

Women *totally* welcome to apply.

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