We’re looking for a new tech writer

Come and work with us

Since launching in June, Gadgette’s grown at a pace that’s amazed even us. From a tiny seed of an idea, we’ve built the UK’s biggest tech and lifestyle site for women, and our Editor just won Woman of the Year. Now, we need a new full-time person to write for us.

You’ll be based in our central London offices (just off Tottenham Court Road), writing around 5 articles a day on the topics we cover: tech, social media, geek culture and inspiring women. We have gaming pretty well covered by Emma, but it’d be great if you had your own pet topic.

Obviously, you’ll need to be a great writer, able to file near-flawless copy that fits well with our irreverent, fun, but knowledgeable tone. Knowledge and experience with the main social media platforms is important too, you’ll be writing lots of tweets to get people excited about your articles.

It’d also be a benefit (but not at all essential) if you were:

  • An Apple fan (both Emma and Holly are Team Android, it’s probably about time we had someone to say nice things about iOS)
  • Able to drive/into cars (there are some super-cool techy cars out there that we’d like to review but none of us drive)
  • Good at photography. We have a kickass camera that doesn’t get enough love

As well as writing, we’re also going to be doing lots of YouTube videos, so being comfortable on camera (or willing to learn) helps.

Things you should keep in mind

According to Lean In, men will apply for a job when they think they have 60% of the requirements. Women will only apply if they think they have 100%.

Sod your inner critic. Apply. Emma, who was so good in her interview that we created a job for her, wasn’t going to apply because she thought she wasn’t qualified. It was only because someone made her that she even sent us her CV.

So seriously. Apply. You’ve got nothing to lose, and potentially an epic job to gain.

More things to keep in mind

We’re very much an equal opportunities employer. We write for women, but men and people who don’t identify as female are very welcome to apply. We’re super LGBT-friendly (we marched in Pride this year) and huge advocates of diversity, so we’ll say it again: please apply no matter your age/gender/background/crippling self-doubt.

Ready to apply?

Well, finally. Please send your CV, covering letter and some writing samples (they don’t have to have been published anywhere, just good examples of your style) to our Editor, Holly, by the end of November.

We’ll see you at interview.

Featured image: our office