Yesterday’s Tomb Raider-themed torture event has a winner

He REALLY wanted a holiday

You might have seen yesterday that we posted about a fairly insane PR stunt for Rise of the Tomb Raider happening in South East London. Well, now it’s over and there’s a winner.

There was only ever going to be one winner (it was more like a celebration of The Hunger Games than Tomb Raider) and now we know who it is: railway engineer Adam Carr. Unsurprisingly, no one was able to survive the full 24 hours and after an impressive 20 hours facing the elements on a tiny platform strapped to a billboard, Adam emerged victorious.

The entire process looked pretty excruciating, and one contestant even posted that medics pulled her down from the billboard because she went into hypothermia. That’s the problem with events like these – they’re dangerous. Pushing people to their limits for something as vague as a ‘Tomb Raider inspired holiday’ just seems cruel. Just do an in-console play off or something XBox.

Adam seemed pretty happy to have won, but even he described the experience as “all painful.” That said, the internet will always find something to ship, and apparently the winner Adam and his fellow contestant Eve were Twitter’s sweethearts.


It’s a relief to see something other than hypothermia come from this event, at least. I really hope their first date is a little less intense than this. At least they’ll have something to talk about.

Main Image via XBox UK