6 videogames we’d love to see remastered

Cash in on my nostalgia, please

I’m a strong advocate for remaking great games, giving them a fresh coat of pixels, fixing bugs, uniting all available content, or even adding new content, and sending them out into the new generation to bring joy to even more people. Given enough love and care, remastered games can be incredible. I infinitely prefer this to leaving these games to languish in the annals of gaming, guarded by Smaug-like gamers who treat their old consoles and games like rare gems that somehow add to their gaming credentials.

With the news that Blizzard is planning to revive some of its more classic games, and that Nintendo is re-releasing Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow onto Nintendo 3DS, I started to think about what other games I’d like to see make a fresh-faced return. Turns out quite a few of them. 6 actually.

6) Spyro the Dragon

The first three Spyro games under Insomniac were undoubtedly the best, and I would throw every gem I have at a remaster. Sure, Spyro might feature in the Skylanders franchise, but that’s not enough, and it’s not as much as he deserves. These games were incredible fun, and the colourful worlds and characters, not to mention the excellent music, deserve a place on modern systems.

5) Crash Bandicoot

Image via Flickr © Gingerbeardedman

Crash Bandicoot is a mascot of early Playstation gaming. To be honest, it seems incredible that the Crash series hasn’t received some kind of remake already; it seems overdue. Considering series like Jak and Daxter and Ratchet and Clank have been given the remaster treatment, it’d be particularly nice to see Crash spin his way onto PS4 sometime soon.

4) Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

image via Game UK

Vice City will always remain one of my favourite instalments in the Grand Theft Auto series. In all honesty, I’d be happy to see 3 or San Andreas remastered too, but my preference lies with Vice City partly because we’ve only just revisited San Andreas in Grand Theft Auto V, and it’s November so I’d rather see the sun of Vice City over the rain of Liberty City. I want to see Tommy Vercetti, the neon, the bright colour palette, the cars, and the pastel suits on a current gen console. Most importantly, I want to hear all of that amazing 80s music blasting as I drive between missions.

3) Jade Empire

I remember checking Jade Empire out of my local library as a teenager without particularly high hopes. Really the only reason I picked it up is because it looked like it had some kick ass female characters and I was in dire need of that. I ended up checking this game out every week until I completed it, listening to The Veronicas on high volume as Scholar Ling and I kicked every ass that moved. I’m not sure why I didn’t just buy the game, in retrospect. That said, I would absolutely buy a remaster now. Please make it happen Bioware, it’s been 10 years, it’s pretty much the perfect time!

2 and 1) Bioshock and Bioshock 2

Not that long ago, we actually thought we might be seeing a remake of the Bioshock series. But nothing seems to have come of that, so we’re using this opportunity to push for it again. Games with atmospheres and world creation like this can’t be missed out on.

Often remasters and remakes are dismissed as cash grabs and laziness, but for gamers who have never had the chance to play the true classics they’re perfect. There’s nothing wrong with looking back fondly at the history of gaming and picking some of the greats to bring forward with us, it’ll help make future games even better.

Main Image via Flickr © Luc Poupard