Geeky find of the week: Life is Strange clothing line

Make a clothing choice that won't make you want to rewind time

We’re big fans of Life is Strange. In fact, we wish we had Max’s time-rewinding powers to go back and start the series all over again. Unfortunately, we’ll never have powers quite like Max’s but at the very least videogame clothing retailer Insert Coin is giving us the chance to dress like her.

In partnership with Square Enix and developers DontNod, Insert Coin is going to be bringing us an official Life is Strange clothing line in early 2016. The line will be available for men and women an initial designs are revealing Max and Chloe’s in-game tops being available, as well as a varsity jacket for Blackwell Academy’s sports team the Bigfoots.

Designs are pretty limited just now, but Insert Coin has said on their blog that if these initial designs prove popular then more are likely to be added. We’re holding out for a Two Whale’s Diner T-shirt, to be honest, but we’re “hella” excited for what we can already see. There hasn’t been any information on prices or sizes revealed just yet, but as soon as it becomes available we’ll update here.

Main Image via Insert Coin