Mystery Science Theatre 3000 is returning

Because when you crowdfund hard enough, anything can happen

Remember when we told you that Mystery Science Theatre 3000 was looking for the funding to make a grand return after many years away? Well, they’ve managed it! Taking in over $2 million in just six days, I think it’s safe to say their return was in high demand.

Just before hitting the first Kickstarter goal, the show’s creator Joel Hodgson updated the Kickstarter page with the identity of the new host to give would-be contributors an extra incentive to part with their cash. The new host is Jonah Ray, a comedian, probably best known for co-hosting the Nerdist podcast. Hodgson wrote that he met Ray whilst on the Nerdist podcast, and after the pair hit it off, he decided to approach him about leading MST3K. Of course, Ray agreed immediately. Announcing a new host seems like a simultaneously good and risky move to get people to give more money; depending on who it was it could really have pushed people either way. Fortunately Jonah Ray seems to have been encouragement enough, although it’s likely he’ll face a hard time from protective fans with high expectations. Like anything new, it’ll take some getting used to.

The Kickstarter still has 23 more days until it finishes, which, considering the speed at which $2 million has been raised, should really be more than enough time to meet the $5.5 million goal that will see an entirely new 12 episode season of the show.

Main Image via Kickstarter