Top eSports team Fnatic are starting their own eSports hardware line

Serious equipment for serious gamers

Fnatic, the leading eSports organisation that has top professional teams in a multitude of games like Dota 2, League of Legends, and Battlefield 4, has announced that it will be bringing out its own line of eSports hardware.

Fnatic did once have a line of gaming hardware under the SteelSeries brand, but it looks like with the launch of their new Indiegogo campaign for Fnatic Gear that they’re deciding to go it alone. Where Fnatic are really trying to distinguish themselves is in the fact that the equipment is being designed by their professional eSports teams. This means that the hardware won’t have all the pointless flashing lights and needless extras on other equipment, it’ll just be about the essentials and offering “simplicity, comfort, and reliability.”

The initial hardware lineup consists of an optical mouse, a mechanical keyboard, a hard mouse mat, and a soft cloth mouse mat. All of the equipment is designed with eSports players in mind, aiming to provide responsiveness, comfort, and customisation to optimise play with features like extremely tactile Cherry MX keyboard keys, additional USB ports, ultra soft rubber, and removable wrist rests.

Fnatic are looking for $133,700 from this campaign. Thus far they’ve raised $16,843 with 28 days left, so they’re well on their way to meeting their goal. If you’d like to get your hands some of this equipment and start your journey into what seems to be an increasingly lucrative profession (or you just want to have some solid equipment to optimise the virtual ass kicking you frequently dole out) contributing $167 (around £110) to the campaign will get you the entire hardware set, to be delivered in January. You can also buy the items separately, paying $49 (£32) for the mouse, $119 (£79) for the keyboard, and $19 (£12)for one of the mouse mats.