This interactive infographic asks “How equal are you?”

As if you weren't already aware, not very

In what is perhaps an apt post for International Men’s Day, the BBC website has posted an interactive infographic where you can type in your gender and your country and find out just how equal you are. It seems like a nice subtle offering of perspective for all those who say “International Women’s Day? Well what about International Men’s day?” because if that’s your biggest inequality-related stress, you can take a seat, bro.

The infographic gets its information from figures in the World Economic Forum (WEF)’s annual Global Gender Gap report, which measures countries according to where women are more likely to be able to participate fully in political and economic life and enjoy the most equal access to education and healthcare.

You can see your country’s ranking on the world list of equality (the UK sits at 18 out of 145), wage gap figures, the gender balance in government positions, university graduates, and high-flying careers. It also gives an estimate for when the economic gap between men and women will close if the current rate of change continues. It’s 2133. Not soon enough. I’m almost certain I contain enough bitterness to defy biology and sustain my life until 2134, just to see if it happens.

Try it out for yourself here. It’s interesting to look at the state of equality around the world, not just in the UK. I mean, you won’t feel all that encouraged, but it’s interesting.

Main Image: Screenshot