Dominos’ new ordering system summed up: push button, get pizza

It's like a really slow acting self-destruct button

We have the privilege of living in a world where there are several ways to get pizza into our hands within an hour: go to the shop, phone for pick up or delivery, go online, use an app. Most of these methods are convenient, and most of them don’t even require having a conversation with another human being, so you can experience the singular joy that pizza brings without having to open your mouth for anything other than eating it. Truly the modern world is a marvel.

Well, it’s getting even more marvellous because today Domino’s Pizza UK are launching The Easy Order. I know, I know, “how could ordering pizza get any easier?” you ask. With a button, apparently. Quite like the Amazon Dash buttons that launched earlier this year, Domino’s ‘Easy Order’ lets you order a pizza to your door at the touch of a single button.

The Easy Order will be released in two formats: the physical Limited Edition Easy Order, and the virtual Digital Easy Order.

Available only to a lucky few, the physical button (which, let’s face it, is the one we all really want) syncs to your smartphone via Bluetooth and connects with a pairing app that has your address, payment details, and favourite order stored. One touch of the button places the order, and it glows red to let you know true happiness is just a short time away. The physical buttons will be on limited release, and more details about this will become available in early December.

The infinitely less exciting, but still extremely convenient, digital Easy Order is essentially a one-touch payment system that you can use on the Domino’s website, or on their app. Simply securely store your address, payment details, and favourite order, push the button and wait for pizza, hot cookies, and ice cream to arrive at your door.

You can just imagine Domino’s headquarters coming up with this. “Alright folks, we’ve been told we need to do our part to curb the obesity crisis, we have a responsibility to keep our customers alive so that they can keep ordering our pizzas. Let’s think outside the pizza box here, people!” “I have it, boss. Pizza button. Push a button, get pizza.” “Gerry… you’re a god damn genius.”

You can sign up for the virtual Easy Order system from today on the Domino’s website or via the app. Keep your eyes peeled for more information on the release of the physical buttons. This seems like one of those situations where we were so busy wondering if we could, we never stopped to ask if we should. I have a feeling any Santa suit I might put on this Christmas won’t require stuffing.

Main image via Domino’s