8 Christmas gifts for techie foodies

Frying pans that don't wirelessly connect to your smartphone are so 2014

While some of us are perfectly content with ordering dinner online, there are individuals who would rather cook their meals (and actually do a much better job than a professional restaurant). And since by this time of year, you’re probably already bookmarking possible Christmas presents for the important people in your life, here are a few gift ideas that for the foodies that you know. The majority of these devices come with recipe books, so they’re great for both starting and experienced cooks. And after all, contributing kitchen tools is technically still helping out in the kitchen, right?

8. Electric Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Image © Amazon

First things first: breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day, but if you’re like me, then chances are you get up in the morning with just enough time to shower, quickly devour a small yoghurt, and rush to your morning commute. Enter this sandwich maker, which claims to have an entire breakfast sandwich ready in five minutes. If you can spare another five minutes, you could even make a sandwich as a packed lunch for your workday. Any machine that’ll take care of two meals in less than fifteen minutes is a winner in our books.

ÂŁ29.99 at Amazon

7. Kebab Rotisserie Grill

Image © Red5

It’s no secret that kebabs are a staple of British culture, especially when you’re starving after a great night out. However, sometimes you CBA to find a decent kebab place or wait for the delivery guy to arrive, so why not make your own kebabs? While we don’t recommend operating this grill while you’ve had a few too many drinks, it’s still a fun addition to any kitchen that will make guests ooh and aah. There’s a timer to let you know when your food is done, and you have multiple options as to what kind of meat (or vegetables!) you want to prepare and in what way. It also includes a drainage system that gets rid of the fat as your meat cooks, so the end result is actually healthier than your typical takeaway.

ÂŁ79.95 at Red5

6. Sensor Bin

Image © simplehuman

When people think of food preparation, they usually only think of the actual cooking part when in reality, the prep and clean-up are also part of the entire process. It might seem like a small thing, but any chef will tell you that one of the most annoying things when cooking is having to keep manually opening the bin to throw out any unnecessary scraps. The sensor bin takes care of this nuisance by using multi-sense technology that allows you to open it just by waving your hand. Goodbye, bin tops covered in egg yolks and shreds of vegetables.

ÂŁ99.99 at simplehuman

5. The Perfect Bake

Image © Firebox

For any of your friends who are serious bakers, here’s a nifty gadget that you can gift them to help them make even more yummy cupcakes and cookies (for you guys to share, obviously). All you have to do is put your bowl on the scale and begin pouring ingredients, and the virtual bowl on the app will mirror it and tell you when you’ve got the right amount, and when each step is done. The Perfect Bake will also adjust your recipes for you, and its three different timers will take care of the baking, mixing, and cooling stages. Hundreds of recipes are included, so we suggest splitting up the tasks between recipe-browsing and, ya know, the actual baking.

ÂŁ47.99 at Firebox

*Note: If you want an automatic scale for more than just baking, we recommend you check out the Drop Connected kitchen scale, as featured in our housewarming gift guide.

4. Kitchen Thermometer (Mini)

Image © iDevices

Whether you’re a busy person that has a million other things to do in addition to cooking or a beginner chef who’s never sure when your meat is fully cooked, this smart thermometer is an essential. The smart LED connected to the thermometer displays a series of different colours that reflect the temperature progression of your meal. With the iDevices app, you can monitor several devices at a time and use either preset or custom temperature alarms so your food is exactly how you want it. We reckon there’d be a lot fewer memes of Gordon Ramsay getting angry about raw meat if all of his cooks were given this handy thermometer (but then again, what fun would that be?).

While the device is manufactured by iDevices, their official product page says that the thermometer is also compatible with “many Android phones equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 and running 4.3 or later.”

£34.99 at Currys. A bigger version is also available.

3. Digital 2-in-1 Kitchen Mount Stand

Image © CTA

In this day and age, people are more used to storing or getting their recipes online, so naturally tablets have become a common sight in many kitchens. Made specifically for cooks, this holder can either be a tabletop stand or mounted onto walls or cabinets, which is obviously very helpful if you’re cooking as you’re reading the recipe. The mount rotates 360° so you can access the screen in both portrait and landscape modes. In addition to being a recipe viewer, we imagine this would also be nice when you want to have TV on in the background as you’re cooking.

$92.00 (ÂŁ61) at B&H (BOO international shipping). If you want a cheaper option, sign up at Amazon to be notified when it’s back in stock.

2. Pantelligent

Image © Pantelligent

Even the most experienced of chefs sometimes have trouble gauging when their food is perfectly cooked, but why go through all that stress when your pan could literally do the cooking for you? For those of you who are next to clueless when it comes to cooking, Pantelligent syncs with your phone and will guide you step-by-step through your recipe of choice and greatly reduce the chances of you setting off the fire alarm within the first five minutes (you’ll be warned when your pan is becoming too hot). Honestly, we’ve never been so excited over a pan.

$229.00 (ÂŁ150) at Pantelligent including UK shipping. Note: their website is really annoying. You don’t actually have to give your email address – just wait a few seconds for the other option. 

1. The Perfect Drink

Image © Firebox

Cooking (and eating!) is tiring, and any chef needs to relax with a nice drink post-dinner (and pre-washing). This scale and cocktail shaker (or any other mixing container of your choice) sync with your phone or tablet to display a virtual glass that (you guessed it) mirrors your real glass. The assortment of cocktail recipes include both classic and contemporary concoctions, and you can use the app to adjust how many servings you want to make or to filter the recipes according to what ingredients you have. The device takes care of everything from pouring to shaking to ice quantities. If James Bond made his own cocktails, this is what he would use.

ÂŁ59.99 at Firebox

BONUS: Foodini

Image © Natural Machines

3D printing has become exponentially popular in the last couple of years, and soon, those of us who can afford it will be able to have our very own 3D food printers. Now, Foodini doesn’t “print” out your food the way a printer prints out a photo, but it does take away a considerable amount of time and work for people who either don’t have the time to make pasta from scratch or don’t know how to. While some might think 3D-printed food is gross or unnatural, the people behind Foodini actually want to promote more natural and healthy eating using fresh foods. Check out their FAQ for more details. The more we read into it, the more intrigued we become.

Price TBA (but we’re gonna guess expensive). Sign up for updates at Natural Machines

Main image © Pixabay/condesign