The Legend of Zelda re-imagined as a Studio Ghibli film

Shut up and take our rupees

If there was any game that would make an interesting transfer to the big screen, it’s The Legend of Zelda series and if there was any film studio I’d trust with such an important task, it’s Studio Ghibli. There’s something about the colourful, magical animation style and consistently excellent scores of Studio Ghibli films that makes me feel like they could take the Legend of Zelda universe and make it even more wonderful.

That’s why these gorgeous concept posters created by Matt Vince are so wonderful. He’s brought to life everything we didn’t know we wanted.

Did you hear that? It was the sound of a crowdfunding campaign idea echoing from the depths of Kickstarter. At least I hope. Give me the opportunity to fund this idea, please.

Main Image via tumblr © Matt Vince