Tattoos go tech with these temporary biowearables

Take the first step in your journey to becoming a cyborg

Right now we’re becoming accustomed to wearable tech, adorning our bodies with various fitness tracking and alert giving accessories, that can vary wildly in how much they do and how good they look whilst doing it. Really, it’s only a matter of time before we forego the obstacles of aesthetics and ergonomics and just jump straight into embedding these things into our bodies. Cyborgism can’t be that far away; pretty soon our lives will feel like one long William Gibson novel.

In fact, the first sign of it is already here with Tech Tats from creative technology company Chaotic Moon. Dubbing them ‘biowearables’, Chaotic Moon’s creations use conductive inks (rather than actual tattoo inks) that sit on the surface of the skin with a collection of biosensors, so as not to be permanent. We suppose it’d be the visual equivalent of putting a 3D sticker on your hand rather than a flat one.

On the tattoo, a microcontroller is able to store and receive data from your body via electroconductive paint. Tech Tats would be a great way to develop fitness tracking technology, being able to be placed anywhere on your body and probably able to give a more accurate reading of your movement and vitals purely thanks to closer proximity to your person. The tattoos also have promising medical applications. They would be able to monitor patient vitals such as heart rate and blood pressure without any cumbersome equipment, instead communicating the information straight to an app, and allowing patients to be more easily monitored whilst going about their daily routines.

The exciting thing is that the technology wouldn’t even be limited to healthcare; you could absolutely see these tech tattoos being used as a much more advanced payment form and Chaotic Moon clearly have plans for this. Plus, just think of the cosplay possibilities.

Main Image: Screenshot

Via DesignBoom