These Fallout 4 trainers are certainly eye-catching

It's a pity they're not dye-catching

You thought you’d seen pretty much all the Fallout merchandise possible, didn’t you? Remember the emojiis, the beer, the week of offers? Well, there’s more. And it’s wearable. These bright trainers now available in the Bethesda store have been made with blue suede leather, feature a molded EVA sockliner ‘to ensure durability and fit’ and they’re promised to be lightweight and soft. Seems like a long journey across the Commonwealth was definitely on their minds when they designed these; they’re practically made for sneaking around a Deathclaw.

Well, almost. According to the product description, the nature of the material of the shoes means that the colour may bleed out of them when they get wet. We guess they’re only really suited to true vault dwellers then. Seems like a crafty ploy from Vault-Tec to us: “You have to stay in the vault, you’ll ruin your wonderful shoes if you don’t!” We know your games, Vault-Tec.

The trainers are available in sizes 3.5 to 13.5. They’ll cost you £56 and the cost of international shipping will set you back another £21. We don’t even want to think about what that would look like changed into bottlecaps. That said, for some reason the combination of yellow and blue offends us less on these trainers than it has on any other piece of Fallout merch (trainers seem kind of made for the bright colours).

If money is no object and the worrying lack of stats detailing protection against damage and radiation doesn’t bother you, these are definitely worth buying. Plus, the box is pretty cool looking.

Main Image via Bethesda