You can now turn your Instagram photos into nail art with NailSnaps

Oh snap, you're a nail artist!

I get it. You’ve browsed through all those posts about easy-to-do nail art and you’ve come away looking like you murdered an alien. Not all of us are gifted in the art of painting tiny little pineapples or producing a splatter-effect (okay, maybe this spray on stuff would do the trick) but thankfully, a new app has made it easy for us ungifted-folk to have top notch nails.

Combining tech, photography and style, NailSnaps is a way for you to wear your favourite Instagram snaps – or any photo on your phone – on your nails. Yes, really. Snapped a particularly good sunset? Want your cat’s face to adorn your nails? Spotted a particularly good duvet cover design and want it on your person immediately? NailSnaps is definitely the one for you.

Using the free app – currently only available to Apple users with an Android version promised very soon – you can turn any photo into custom nail art with 20 printed nail wraps. Delivered straight to your door, the peel n’ stick approach makes this nail art as easy as well, sticking stuff on your nails. I had a quick chat with founder Angel Anderson – a lady who started out in UX and used her skills to make a style statement.

Hi Angel! Can you tell us why you created NailSnaps?

Nail polish was inspired by high-gloss car paint in the early 1900s and women have been doing their nails the same toxic, tedious way ever since. Additionally, abusive labour practices are rampant in salons so the nail industry is ripe for a revolution. We created NailSnaps to give women a better alternative. All of the creativity, but none of the toxicity or hassle.

NailSnaps return creativity and personal expression to the world of nail art. We love nail wraps for the convenience but we want people to be able to wear personalised looks, instead of generic off-the-shelf wraps. NailSnaps lets you create gorgeous, glossy, one-of-a-kind nail art from your photos and rock your custom look with no messy polish, no smelly chemicals, and no dry time! Fun, easy personalisation is literally at your fingertips.

What’s the reaction been like?

Extremely positive. The need for personal, creative expression spans all cultures and languages. NailSnaps now ships to 24 countries and counting.

Do you think tech is changing the fashion industry?

Technology is changing every industry. Fashion is no different. From high tech materials to modernised manufacturing and delivery. Manufacturing has evolved so that the personalisation that’s possible in the digital realm is just as accessible in the physical world. NailSnaps is right in the centre of the zeitgeist by bringing digital creativity and personal expression into the physical world for custom, wearable art.

With Christmas coming up, I’m sure plenty of you will be sticking these (eh? EH?) on your Christmas wish list. If you think they’re perfect for someone else in your life, Angel tells me that gift codes are available too. At $19 a pop – around £13 – with affordable international shipping available, I’m pretty sure NailSnaps will be taking over the nail art world in no time.

If you want to have a go yourself, head on over to the NailSnaps site.

All images © NailSnaps