Breast Cancer Care has released an educational app

An app-based quiz that could save your life rather than while it away

How often do we catch ourselves in the space of a day flicking between different apps on our phones, or sidling over to Buzzfeed to take part in a quiz that will tell us which Nakd bar flavour is most reflective of our personality? (I am quite clearly a Caffe Mocha without the need for a quiz). We probably do this more than we care to admit, so why not spend this time doing a quiz on an app that will actually help you and provide valuable, possibly life saving, information?

In collaboration with Pocket App, Breast Cancer Care UK has launched an app called Breast Awareness which aims to spread awareness of the early signs of breast cancer and the most effective ways to spot them.

The app features a quiz that encourages you to be more breast health conscious by asking you to identify things like which breast changes would be significant, how often you ought to check your breasts, and the best time to do so. Depending on whether your answers are right or wrong, you’ll then be given information that will fill in the gaps in your breast awareness. You get a final score on the quiz and you’re given the option to share your result on social media to further raise awareness.

Jo Wolfe, Assistant Director of Digital at Breast Cancer Care commented saying, “We are thrilled to launch this fantastic app, which gets across a serious health message in a light-hearted way. Breast cancer isn’t just about a lump – it’s important that people get to know the other signs and symptoms to look out for.

“With this exciting new digital tool, we can reach key audiences in a way that works for them, and make the idea of getting to know and checking your breasts more accessible for everyone.”

Taking advantage of our constant connections to our smartphones and social media is a great move and should hopefully extend breast cancer awareness to a younger audience. Considering breast cancer is the most common cancer in women aged under 40 this education is absolutely essential. I didn’t get full marks on the quiz, but then that’s not surprising considering I never really knew what signs I was looking for or just how much of my chest I should be looking across for them. Turns out I was just giving an efficient demonstration of how to knead dough rather than actually searching for signs of breast cancer.

The Breast Awareness app is available free now on Google Play and iTunes, and it’s definitely worth spending a couple of your procrastinatory minutes to check it out.

Main image via Breast Cancer Care