Firebox is getting involved in Black Friday with a mystery box

It's a mysterious bargain

Black Friday, it’s a strange day. Either you can put yourself in harms way by venturing out to the battlefie – sorry – high street to take on people who want a bargain more than they want a clean criminal record. Or you can risk RSI by clicking through page after page of offers. Neither option is particularly appealing, really. But still, you kind of want to get something for less than it’s RRP.

Firebox is taking the physical danger and time consumption out of Black Friday thankfully with their Black Friday Mystery Box. The Mystery Box contains eight of Firebox’s best sellers. They haven’t really revealed anything else when it comes to the contents, other than that the contents of each box is worth £130 and they’re selling it for £69.99. This is a pretty respectable discount.

Not everyone can get a box; there are only 500, and they’re only going to be available for 24 hours, so if you want one you’d better move quick.

It’s not often you get any real surprises at Christmas anymore, so this makes a nice change. You could buy it for yourself, or send it to a friend, and if you don’t like everything in the box just re-gift it to someone else for Christmas. Firebox is so filled with weird and wonderful things that you’re probably going to get something that will at least make you laugh, even if it’s not useful. Plus, when you buy one you’ll be entered into a competition and 10 winners will receive a BB-8 droid, and we love him enough that we’d take that 1 in 50 chance.

Main Image: screenshot