Playstation remote play has been announced for PC and Mac

Play anywhere. Anywhere that has a strong internet connection, anyway.

Last night it was announced that Sony is working on bringing Playstation 4 remote play to PC and Mac, effectively shoving the indie developer that has recently released an unauthorised app that does just that behind a curtain. He might find he has a hard time selling his £6.50 version with this announcement, whether that was the intention behind Sony’s decision to make this announcement or whether they really have been working on this capability for a while and it’s purely coincidental we’re not sure. But at the moment Sony don’t have a release date or price point, if there even will be one, for their official version. We would never suggest  that their decision was perhaps driven by the fact that they saw players were willing to pay £6.50 for such a feature. Never.

The announcement was made by Suhei Yoshida on Twitter:

This is a pretty big deal. At the moment, remote play only allows you to play away from your connected TV using PS Vita, PS TV, or an Xperia smartphone. This isn’t a feature that I’ve seen get a lot of praise, to be honest. Owning a PS TV myself I’ve found that connection problems can make for frustrating lag. Plus, owning two Playstation 4 consoles and living with another user but only being able to have the PS TV registered to one of us has proved immensely frustrating.

This move brings Sony up to speed to Microsoft’s Xbox app and PC and Mac remote play should open up the feature to a lot more people. It’ll be interesting to see what Sony will do with it; hopefully we’ll see well-mapped keyboard and mouse controls.

Main Image via Flickr © Daniel Lee