WonderWoof: the bowtie that keeps your dog physically and mentally healthy

That's Christmas shopping for your dog taken care of


We absolutely adore animals, and are in fact on both Team Dog and Team Cat. One of the most awesome things about technology is that it’s improving both our lives and those of our furry best friends, which is why we’re in love with the newly released WonderWoof BowTie.

The gadget was released by female-focused digital startup Wondermento, and designed by CEO and Founder Betsy Fore, who has extensive experience with designing toys. She explains:

“I invented WonderWoof for my dog, Whisky as I didn’t think what was out there was right for us. I had a vision to modernise the tech, make it stylish and fun and ensure it was helping in more areas of dogs’ and owners’ lives – making dogs not only healthier, but happier too.”

In 2014, it was discovered that pet obesity was becoming an increasingly alarming problem in the UK, with 1 in 3 dogs overweight or obese, and that number potentially climbing. With the WonderWoof BowTie and app, Betsy and the rest of the team at Wondermento hope to make it easier on dog owners to help their dogs stay mentally and physically in shape.

Image © Wondermento

The BowTie is a bluetooth device that can be attached to any dog collar and then wirelessly paired with your phone (both iPhones and Androids) via the WonderWoof app. After you enter basic information about your dog — their age, breed, and weight — into the app, it will recommend physical goals for your pup, and track activity throughout the day to let you know how well they’re doing via a wheel of bones. Your dog will even earn special badges for each milestone they reach – although that’s probably more for you than them.

There’s also a social component to the device, with a built-in “doggy social network” so you and your dog can communicate with other dogs in the area who also have the WonderWoof app. Your dog will also have their own newsfeed on which they can proudly share their badges and be updated on other dogs’ achievements in a simplified Facebook-esque manner. Other features include the ability to create and share walking routes, which is handy depending on how sociable or not you and your dog are feeling, the ability for your dog to “send” you texts, and an alert when Fido has wandered too far away (again).

You can set up puppy playdates within your local community, receive regular activity reports to always ensure your dog is receiving enough exercise, and create medical, grooming, and feeding reminders so that you never forget any important dates again. The app reports to you in real time what your dog is up to, so you’ll know how much exercise they’re getting even when you’re not around the house.

The app was actually launched two years ago (before the BowTie), so it’s been through a number of updates that have been tailored according to user feedback. One of Wondermento’s main goals when designing the Wonderwoof app and BowTie was to improve dogs’ social lives, as this is something that is often overlooked. According to Betsy, “Socialisation is a massive part of a dog’s overall health. A properly socialised dog is a happy dog,” which is why their doggy social network has apparently been their most popular feature.

The WonderWoof BowTie is a bit pricey at £119, so it’s definitely one for the more pampered pooches of the world (and probably not for households with 5 pups on the go!). You can get it from the WonderWoof website or in-store at Harrods.

It comes in 6 amazingly-named colours: Dogquamarine Blue, Bad to the Bone Orange, Candy Canine Pink, Puppy Purple, Hounds Grey, and BoneTie Black. Harrods has the pink, blue, grey, and black, and if you want to really pamper your pup, they also stock a limited edition gold-plated BowTie (£250).

Man. What a dog’s life, eh?

Main Image © Wondermento