12 geeky Christmas decorations

Dork the halls!

It’s almost December, you can practically hear the sleigh bells jingling in the back of your mind, reminding you of everything you have to do before the big day on the 25th, including decorating your home. There’s so much fuss around Christmas decorations; what’s the best colour scheme? How much is too much? When is the best time to decorate? We say forget all that, and do what you want. The best decorations will make you smile as you put them up, not fuss over whether red and gold is better than red and silver. That’s why we’ve put together this list of 12 decorations that will geek up your Christmas in the best way possible.

12) Brick Holiday Wreath

You see those handmade wreaths littering Pinterest and think “Hah! I could do that.” Until you try it and realise no, no you cannot. That’s why this wreath is so great; it’s creative but it also looks kind of 8-bit in style thanks to the blocks you use to build it. Compatible with LEGO®, PixelBlocks, Mega Bloks, KRE-O, K’NEX Bricks™ you can build something festive, wonderful, and hopefully nerdy.

Available on ThinkGeek for $11.99 (£7.99) as it’s currently on sale, you can get this delivered to the UK on ThinkGeek’s economy international delivery service.

11) Batman Villains Tree Ornaments

Bring a bit of evil to your tree this Christmas with these amazing handmade Batman villain baubles. Available from ThePerfectCup on Etsy, you can get your hands on Bane, the Joker, the Ridder, or the Gotham Skyline for £10.26 each with £8 shipping to the UK.

10) Avengers Tree Ornaments

These Avengers tree ornaments are all kinds of adorable, guests will positively Marvel at your tree (sorry). If you need Earth’s mightiest heroes protecting your gifts from harm, you can get them from BurritoPrincess on Etsy for £3.42 each or £27.36 for all 8, plus £6 shipping to the UK.

9) Game of Thrones Ornaments

Since winter is perpetually coming to Westeros, we’re not sure what their equivalent of Christmas would be, but we image their trees would be covered with their symbols of their house. Replicate that in your own home with these ornaments from HBO’s official store. For this set of 4 it’s £18.99 plus £6.58 shipping.

8) R2-D2 snowglobe

Would you just look at this. Isn’t it adorable? R2 doesn’t just bring foreboding holographic messages, he also brings gifts. Yay! This snowglobe is just $9.99 (around £6) on ThinkGeek.

7) The Legend of Zelda fairy ornaments

Want to feel like you’re celebrating Christmas in Hyrule? You definitely want these plush tree decorations inspired by the fairies from The Legend of Zelda. You can get them in a variety of colours from PlushProps on Etsy for £7 each plus £1.50 delivery.

6) Game of Thrones Stocking

From MyGeekBox this rich looking stocking is emblazoned with the Westerosi house sigils and costs just £10.99. We imagine in Westeros this would probably be weaponised in some kind of incredibly creative assassination, but we’d suggest you just use it for holding your gifts.

5) Studio Ghibli tree ornaments

How could you not want Totoro hanging from your tree this Christmas? These wonderful made to order Studio Ghibli character baubles are available from CraftyLittleGeeks on Etsy. It’s £35 plus £3.50 shipping for set, or you can order individual baubles for £7 each.

4) Pokemon Tree Ornaments

Hang your favourite festive starter Pokemon on the foremost branch of your Christmas tree with these ornaments from BurritoPrincess on Etsy. The decorations only cost £3.42 each, or £13.68 for all 4, plus £5.47 delivery. If your lights start going awry, you know it’s probably Pikachu’s doing.

3) Weeping Angel Lights

If these lights start blinking, we advise that you absolutely don’t. Kind of frightening but festive in their own way, these Weeping Angel decorative lights are available on ThinkGeek for $24.99 (around £17).

2) Mario Star Tree Topper

The three wise men might have followed the Star of Bethlehem to Jesus, but you follow the 8-bit star to Mario. Blasphemous? Probably, but we love these stars on 3DorDie’s Etsy page. Available in a variety of colours and sizes, they come in at £8.21 for a small star, plus £18 for shipping.

1) Classic Videogame Controller Ornaments

Cast your mind back to the year you wanted to find the original Playstation under your tree with these classic console controller ornaments. Available on ThinkGeek, you can get a set of 4 for $9.99 (£6.99) in the current sale, and they’ll qualify for international economy shipping.

We bet you’re feeling festive now!

Main Image via ThinkGeek