Amazon is launching a Hunger Games jewellery collection

Grieve the end of the series in style

Yet another huge Young Adult franchise is coming to an end with the release of the final film in The Hunger Games series. To celebrate, or perhaps commemorate would be more appropriate, Amazon Fashion is releasing an exclusive jewellery collection inspired by the series.

Designed by London-based award-winning duo Yunus and Eliza, the jewellery collection is made up of rings, earrings, and necklaces. Their designs are supposed to represent the themes of rebellion and hope from the series, focussing on the Mockingjay and District 13 symbols. The pricing of the collection is more than a little suited to the Capitol with pieces starting at £130 and going all the way up to £325, but the sterling silver designs definitely have the simple, futuristic and hand crafted look of something from the Districts.

A great luxury gift for your favourite grieving Hunger Games fan this Christmas, you can check the collection out here on Amazon.

Main Image via Amazon