Futurama is returning as a mobile game

In need of a new platform? Why not mobile?

Futurama is one of those shows that’s had a hell of a time. Cancelled, then resurrected, but only for a brief time before finishing again in 2013, it’s nonetheless managed to maintain a loyal fan base; probably because of its cast of memorable characters and writing that was often as touching as it was funny. Now, it’s returning again! But this time in the form of a mobile game.

On their blog, mobile games developer Wooga announced their partnership with Fox Digital Entertainment to create Futurama: Game of Drones. For some reason the poster for the game says Release the Drones, but the official announcement says Game of Drones, which we definitely prefer. According to the blog entry, the game “takes players on a journey with the Planet Express crew as they fight a desperately imbalanced trade war against longtime shipping rival MomCo. While delivering dangerous cargo to hazardous locations under ill-advised circumstances, players connect groups of delivery drones to solve an array of fiendish puzzles as they venture into iconic environments from the FUTURAMA universe.”

This overview doesn’t make very clear how exactly the game will play, but no matter what they decide to do with it, Fox and Wooga have clearly made every effort to make sure it’s as funny as the show with some great writers. On board for Game of Drones are a writer of The Secret of Monkey Island, Dave Grossman, and co-executive producer and sometimes writer of the actual Futurama TV show, Patrick Veronne. At the very least, well be getting a few laughs.

There was no release date or price announced with the game, but the ‘shut up and take my money’ meme seems especially poignant here.

Main Image via Wooga