These clever leggings come with a pocket for your smartphone

Sometimes it's the simplest ideas that are the most effective

It’s not everyone that has the luxury of being able to leave their phone behind them when they go for a workout. Although it’s easy to dismiss our desire to be constantly connected as easily solved by simply putting the phone down and taking a break from the world for an hour, some of people don’t just want to be connected, they have to be. Whether it’s waiting for important news, being on call for work, or having people that are dependent on you, putting your phone away to do something as simple as go to the gym might not be an option.

That’s why we quite like these Lume leggings on Kickstarter that come with a pocket specifically for your smartphone. Sure, there are arm bands to hold your phone but to be honest, they’re pretty uncomfortable (especially considering the increasing size of today’s smartphone screens compared with the width of your arm) and not exactly made for easy access. The Lume leggings are useful because they place your phone in an easy-to-access pocket on your thigh, a part of your body which is large and stable enough to comfortably support a larger phone.

The pocket itself is made from a responsive mesh fabric that allows you to use your phone without ever taking it from the leggings. Thanks to a four-way breathable stretch fabric, the leggings will fit any size of phone and promise to hold it securely; the video on the Kickstarter page does show some pretty impressive demonstrations of just how securely this pocket can hold your phone.

The Lume leggings do seem like a great way to carry your phone during exercise, alleviating the worry that it’s going to fall out of wherever you’ve stored it, or that someone will step on it because you’ve left it on the gym floor. If you listen to music whilst you exercise, we imagine you’ll want a pair that are wireless, or at the very least have a pretty long wire, just to ensure you don’t yank the buds from your ears by stretching your leg too far back.

If you’re interested in the Lume leggings, you can visit the Kickstarter page which is running until December 25th. The project has already met its $10,000 by quite a bit, having raised $15,000 at the time of writing, but you can secure your own pair of leggings for $78 (around £51). We think that’s pretty expensive for a pair of leggings, no matter how smart they are, and considering this is around £7 off of the intended retail price, we’d say if you want a pair snap them up before they get more expensive. The Kickstarter’s expected delivery date is February 2016 and they’ll be shipping their leggings, which come in sizes XS to 3XL, worldwide.

The company’s video claims that the leggings are nightlife ready, and although we can’t really see this particular trend taking off in the nightclubs of the world, we do like their idea of using them for discreet under-desk texting. Sneaky.

Main Image via Kickstarter