This Super Mario watch is super expensive

You'll have to rob every bank in the Mushroom Kingdom

Just how much do you love Mario? You play Super Mario every night before bed, your wardrobe contains only blue dungarees and red T-shirts, you eat mushrooms to feel better, and one time you jumped on a turtle to use it as a projectile, but you’re not allowed to do that anymore. Are you willing to go one jump further and pay £10,045 for watch with your hero’s likeness on the face? Not even for the 30th anniversary of Super Mario Bros? Some fan you are.

If you do have a lot of spare coins lying around, and you’d love to prove just how much you love Super Mario, Romain Jerome has just the thing for you. The watchmaker, who has made Space Invaders and Pacman themed watches before now, is releasing the luxury Super Mario watch to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the classic game. The black titanium watch truly inspires nostalgia in every aspect, being a standard self-winding timepiece without smart features, and showcasing a pixelated enamel-coated Mario himself in action on its face.

Only 85 watches will be released, so you’d better decide whether or not you need one pretty quickly. You’ll have to go on your own adventure to pick it up too, as Romain Jerome watches are only delivered to Switzerland. Any UK residents that are interested can purchase the watch online and personally collect at RJ’s headquarters in Geneva. Apparently the company will cover the costs of both travel and accommodation up to the value of 1000 CHF.

As far as Nintendo products go, this one is actually reasonably subtle. Well…aesthetically, rather than economically. If you’re interested yourself or you have a Super Mario fan in your life that you really love, you can purchase the watch on the Romain Jerome website.

Main Image via Romain Jerome