[UPDATED] – it looks like the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is coming to the UK in January

Next is sometime in 2016

Update: We’ve now been told by the same source that after laying the groundwork to launch the Note 5 in the UK, Samsung have now changed their minds and chosen to focus on the new S7 range. We’re disappointed but not entirely surprised.

Our original story appears below.

When Samsung launched the Galaxy S6 Edge+ in August, the US press conference went on considerably longer than ours. That’s because they chose not to launch their other giant phone, the Galaxy Note 5, in the UK. People were pretty disappointed about this, because the Note 5 looked like a great phone, and UK customers wanted the chance to mess up the stylus insertion on their own shores.

However, a trusted Samsung source has let us know that the company is now planning to bring the 5 to the UK after all, in late January 2016. That’s too late for Christmas, almost half a year later than the rest of the world got it, and right before they unveil their next Galaxy phone in February.

We’re a bit confused by this move, but more phone choice is always welcome.

Our source is the same one who told us a considerable time before the press event that the Note 5 wasn’t coming to the UK, so we’re pretty confident they’re right.

Pricing and availability remains to be seen – but if the HTC One A9 pricing fiasco taught us anything, it’s that converting the US price to pounds tells us nothing (except that our country is a rip-off).

If our source speaks true, you’ll have the chance to get your own Note 5 early next year. We’ve asked Samsung for comment and will update when we know more.

Update: the plot thickens

Well, this is confusing. Samsung’s statement says it’s not happening:

“With the launch of the original Galaxy Note series in 2011, we created a whole new smart device category that set a new industry standard, which all others have followed. For our European customers, Samsung’s larger-screen portfolio continues to centre on the Galaxy S6 edge+.”

But Android Central’s sources have confirmed that it is. And our source is resolute.

So who’s fibbing? We’ll see.

Main image: Samsung

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