Mad Catz has announced a new Street Fighter V controller range

They're retro-chic and designed to optimise ass kicking

This morning Mad Catz announced that it would be releasing a range of controllers that will tie in with the upcoming Street Fighter V game exclusive to Playstation 4.

In its announcement, Mad Catz said it wanted to go back to its roots with these products and create “a range of products that is robust and able to be used at the highest level of play.” We’re getting serious retro vibe from these controllers, so we think we can call them a success at least on one level.

The line is made up of four different controller types to appeal to a wide range of gamers. You’ll be able to get your hands the incredibly complex and button-tastic tabletop tournament game pads, or the more entry level editions that more closely resemble current-gen controllers, but with some arcade-style modifications such as different functionality switches to optimise them for Street Fighter’s gameplay. Everyone’s getting the chance to optimise their ass kicking, just some are going to be doing it with a good deal more complexity.

The Street Fighter V controllers will make their public debut on December 5th at Playstation Experience in San Francisco, after which they’ll be available to pre-order before their official release in February 2016 alongside Street Fighter V.

Main Image © Mad Catz