This musical video of men being catcalled is everything we needed

"Oh I'm sorry, you didn't want to be talked to that way? Then why'd you dress business casual?"

We’re pretty tired of catcalling. We’re tired of getting it, we’re tired of hearing about how it’s “not that bad,” and we’re also tired of videos trying to explain to dudes why it’s a ball ache to not be able to go outside without some low-bro telling us to smile.

Except for this one.

American rock comedy musician Jamie Kilstein has written some catcalls as they might be if women said them to men, and set it to music. It’s beautiful.

“Mind if I spread my legs across like two, three, four, I don’t know, five of these chairs? Gotta protect this giant pussy” is our lyric of the year, hands down.

We think it’s fair to say that no one wants the world in this video.  Not men, not women, not anyone. We also don’t want the world we have, where this stuff happens to women all the time. They don’t call it everyday sexism for nothing. So next time a dude shoots down your comment about catcalling by saying he wishes women shouted stuff at him in the street, send him this. And then walk your womanspreading legs right the hell out of there.

Via the awesome Tauriq Moosa

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