12 geeky gadget stocking-fillers

Because we'd rather have gadgets than clementines

Less exhausting for the muscles than just using your arms, less obtrusive than a selfie stick, and less, well, just plain weird than this invention, this Bluetooth connected remote photo shooter is pretty much the best way to take a selfie. The SelfieMe is both a button and a keyring, so it’s easy to carry around with you and connect to your phone at a moment’s notice. Plus, at only £9.99 from Iwantoneofthose.com it’s a great budget stocking filler or Secret Santa gift.

11) Noke – The Bluetooth Padlock

Noke isn’t just a Bluetooth padlock, it’s the world’s first Bluetooth padlock. We have to wonder how no one has come up with this idea before. If you know someone that’s constantly losing keys or letting combinations fall out of their head and getting locked out of their own locker/shed/bookcase Noke is probably the perfect gift. This little device allows you to open and manage multiple locks using an iOS or Android app.

You don’t even have to take it out of your pocket; when your phone is within a few feet Noke will unlock. You can also grant and revoke access to friends and family, as well as specify dates and times when they’ll be able to use Noke. Noke’s battery isn’t even a problem; it lasts a year but if it drains you can still get access to your stuff through its manual click combination feature.

Available on Firebox, Noke is £59.99 with free delivery.

10) USB Fridge/Mug Warming Coaster

We all know what it’s like: you grab an ice cold can or a nice hot cup of tea, sit down by your computer, get down to work and completely forget all about it. Then you turn to your drink and find it lukewarm and disappointing. Fortunately these little USB devices are available.

The USB fridge is large enough to hold one standard can and after 5 minutes holds a temperature of around 8.5 degrees, while the mug warmer holds one mug and will keep your drink at around 50 to 60 degrees. You can get the fridge from Iwantoneofthose.com for £14.99 and the mug warmer from Amazon for £4.99, both with free delivery. Start setting up your desk-kitchen!

9) Magnetic Headphones

Headphones are always the perfect stocking filler; it’s rare that anyone will object to being bought something so constantly useful. These Bluetooth wireless headphones are especially cool thanks to their magnetic earbuds which, when clicked together around your neck, pause your music, resuming it again when they’re taken apart. Plus, at only £39.99 from Boots, they’re very reasonably priced for wireless headphones. In the same price range, we also reviewed these highly customisable Rock Jaw headphones, which are excellent value for under £50.

8) Skeye Pico Drone

This is the world’s smallest drone, and a gift any gadget-loving geek would want to find in their stocking this Christmas. Pico is so small, it can perch on your fingertip. To get it going, all your have to do is throw this drone in the air and fly it with its remote control. It comes with LED lights so you can see all of the cool flips and spins it can do even at night, and when you’re done, it’s small enough to be stored inside its own controller. Plus, at only £39.99 with free delivery from Firebox, it’s not a drone that will break the bank.

7) Oneplus Portable Power Bank

If you’re looking for a sleek, simple, and affordable portable power bank for your phone, the Oneplus offering is one of the best. At some point we all complain about a less than perfect battery life on our phone, so you know with this you’re giving a gift that’ll be appreciated. The Oneplus power bank comes in white or black, has enough power to charge most phones 3 times over (10,000 mAh), and can charge two devices simultaneously. And it’s only £12.59 from Oneplus. Total bargain.

6) 5-in-1 Stylus Pen

One form with many functions – who doesn’t love that? This little pen from ThinkGeek does it all. Or at least 5 things, which is more than you’d usually expect a pen to do. Most crucially, it actually does have a pen, but the features for you to geek over are its stylus for smartphones and touchscreens, its laser pointer, its UV light, and its white LED light. It’s only $9.99 (around £6.50) and can be delivered using ThinkGeek’s economy international shipping.

5) Eyefi SD Card

Eyefi SD cards work pretty much like normal SD cards, except they come with built in WiFi that allows you to transfer your photos almost instantly from your camera to your phone, tablet, PC, or Mac. It’s pretty much the best way to make sure that your photos don’t languish inside your camera until the end of time. The cards come in 3 variations: you can get an 8GB card for £24.39, a 16GB for £46.88, and a 32GB card for £58.45, all from Amazon.

4) Smartphone Projector

If you know someone that’s constantly getting a crowd of friends to gather round their phone and watch the latest cat video, get them this. It’ll make the viewing less awkward for everyone. To work the cardboard smartphone projector, all you have to do is slide your phone inside it where an 8x magnifying glass lens will project the video onto whatever surface you choose. You can get this projector to build for yourself for £15.99 from Firebox, or pre-order the pre-built Deluxe version that’s due to be released in 2016 for £19.99. Sadly, it can’t accommodate larger smartphones like the iPhone 6 Plus, so be aware of the dimensions before buying.

3) Mu Charger

The Mu Charger is the ideal gift for anyone you know that carries their charger around with them regularly. The Mu Charger will make their life infinitely (well, 70%) less bulky as these plugs fold flat and slide right into your pocket (WHY DO ALL PLUGS NOT DO THIS?). The Mu Charger is compatible with any USB cable, available in 4 colours, and only £15.

2) Sengled WiFi extending bulb

Multi-functionality. We love it! These LED bulbs aren’t just good for lighting your home, they extend the range of your WiFi too.The dimmable bulbs are set up just like ordinary lightbulbs and use Android or iOS apps to connect to your home router before extending the WiFi signal to the harder to reach areas of your home. The Sengled Boost is definitely tidier than powerline plugs, and our tests show they work pretty well. You can get one for £48.23 from Amazon with free delivery.

1) Magniband

The Magniband is a clever smartphone accessory for anyone that loves using their phone to take great photos. Able to fit almost any smartphone thanks to its stretch, this little band slips over the top of your phone and offers 4x magnification to whatever you want to take a picture of, allowing for great close-ups without expensive lenses. Available in blue, grey, and green, the Magniband is only £4.99 with free UK delivery.

With this list on your side, there’s no way you can mess up the stocking-fillers or the Secret Santa gift this year.