Find out what you’ve been listening to in 2015 with Spotify’s Your Year In Music

Presumably not much Taylor Swift

Want to know exactly what you’ve been listening to in 2015? Well, you’re in luck as Spotify have once again created an interactive celebration of the year in music, politics and culture, giving users the opportunity to see their most played tunes of 2015.

To find out what your year sounded like head over to where you’ll be taken through 2015 according to your streaming habits.

All you need to do is log into your account (in the bottom corner – it’s not terribly obvious) and start scrolling to find your sound of 2015.

It tells you the very first song you listened to, your top artists, songs and genres, the total minutes of music you listened to and even something you never thought you’d need: your top artists according to the season.

Don’t think you can get away with private session cover-ups, though, Spotify knows all your guilty pleasures…

Image: Spotify

Neo Mellow? Really Spotify? What even is that…?

Once you’ve had a good look at the music that made your 2015, you can share a snapshot of it on your social media accounts, so everyone can see what you’ve been indulging in. If you want. We might skip that.

There’s a cool extra function that lets you listen to and follow playlists that correspond with key news stories from 2015 – a favourite of mine being a One Direction playlist to help cheer up those who were particularly devastated by Zayn’s departure from the band back in March.

Image: Spotify

And of course, Spotify couldn’t possibly let you leave without giving you new music ideas. At the end of your road down memory lane you can choose to ‘Play It Forward’. This generates a custom playlist giving you music suggestions collected from YOUR Year In Music, taking you into 2016 in style.

Main image: Spotify