GAME is now selling PC hardware

A more consumer friendly move for PC gaming

PC gaming is far from dead, but you could easily forgive the average consumer for thinking it was since most gaming stores on the high street have pushed PC hardware out of the door in favour of consoles. You can pop into HMV or GAME and usually find a lonely few stands dedicated to PC games, in fact, I’ve noticed an increase in the amount of new release PC games available in stores. But when it comes to hardware and components you’d be better off finding a dedicated store and paying some ridiculous prices, or heading online.

Things are beginning to change though, as GAME has announced a partnership with Overclockers UK to make PC gaming more consumer friendly. The partnership will see PC components and pre-built gaming PCs being made available in a select number of GAME stores and online. GAME will be selling things like graphics cards, SSDs, and power supplies, as well as pre-built PCs and laptops.

The selection is understandably limited, and for a PC enthusiast it might be less than satisfying, but for someone just coming into the world of PC gaming it’s a good first step and it might entice more players into exploring the area further. Plus, if you need a new graphics card it’d be nice to be able to pop into a store on your way home from work rather than order it online.

You could probably build your own powerful gaming PC for cheaper than the ones that GAME currently have on offer, but if you’re entirely new to the area the only way you’re going to find out if building your own is worth your time and money, and to find out about the intricacies of gaming PCs generally, it’s not a bad thing to have a high street store you trust to sell you your first piece of hardware. Although I do remember one day going into GAME to buy LA Noire and leaving with a Kinect, so I’m now worried I could end up leaving with a very expensive gaming PC after going in for a controller. So don’t trust them too much.

Another positive thing is that GAME have integrated the Overclockers products into their rewards scheme, meaning you can trade in old console games and consoles and use the credit against PC hardware, and you’ll get reward points for buying Overclockers products.

The scheme is currently only being trialled, with the only two stores taking part right now being in Manchester and Basingstoke, but if it’s successful it will undoubtedly be rolled out to more places. To see which products are on offer, you can also visit GAME’s website now.

Main Image via GAME