The VR highlights from Playstation Experience 2015

Things are looking exciting

If our event last week wasn’t enough to tell you, at Gadgette we get pretty excited about Virtual Reality. We’re excited about all of the fields it’s going to advance, from communications to medicine, but obviously I’m most excited about the games. After getting hands on with Project Morpheus – sorry – Playstation VR in September, I’ve been desperately waiting for more news on the headset. With Playstation Experience happening over the weekend, it seemed like as good a place as any to count on some announcements for the device that’s been slated to become available just next year. And it was. If you weren’t able to tune into every moment of Playstation Experience, but you’re as keen for all things VR as we are, we’ve rounded up the most exciting game debuts for you here.

8) 100ft Robot Golf

This is one of those trailers that leaves you with one eyebrow raised and a kind of half-grimace lacing your face. But really, giant robots is probably the best way to make golf more exciting, and I’ll happily beat the chips out of another robot with a golf club rather than get a hole in one. Plus, when I saw that this game would feature split screen and online play I definitely became more receptive. I also have no idea why Project C is a Corgi but activate it. Activate it now!

7) Eagle Flight

Eagle Flight is a flight simulator that takes players across Paris. It’s like Assassin’s Creed Unity with wings. Or the start of Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars. Either way, it looks incredibly pretty. Probably great for a romantic evening; “put your headset on, dear, we’re off to Paris.”

6) Rez Infinite

Rez Infinite takes the classic Sega game and brings it to VR. This game looks trippy as hell, and I’m not sure how a delicate sense of balance might take being thrown into such a colourful and in-flux world as this in a VR headset, but I’m excited anyway. I’ll just keep a bucket on hand. If you’re not sure you could handle it, the game is fortunately not VR exclusive and you’ll be able to play without the headset.

5) Ace Combat 7

From Bandai Namco, Ace Combat 7 is a game that you don’t have to play on VR, but with elements of the game specifically developed for the Playstation headset, it looks like it’ll be a pretty awesome experience if you do.

4) Golem

A PS VR exclusive, Golem allows players to explore a virtual world in the body of, you guessed it, a Golem. The trailer and the entire concept is kind of weird and meta when you think about the nature of Virtual Reality, but that’s all part of what’s making us so excited for this game.

3) Job Simulator

Job Simulator looks like the ultimate catharsis, allowing players to get into an office and create absolute chaos. That said, I know the child in me that had a post office playset and multiple orderly tills would just want to sit down at the computer in this game and do some work. Enough throwing cups, we have a spreadsheet to perfect.

2) The Modern Zombie Taxi Co

At first I was worried that this game was going to be my first necessary foray into the world of VR horror (I’m really hoping to avoid that for a while) but The Modern Zombie Taxi Co is so far from it. Looking like some kind of post-zombie apocalypse Crazy Taxi, this game basically has you be a taxi driver in a town populated by Zombies, taking them to their destination. If anything I imagine the zombies are as much a creative spin on the traditional taxi game as they are an attempt to take the moral dilemma out of a hit and run situation in the immersive VR headset. “He’s already dead, keep driving.” It’s a decent idea, and a hopeful vision for life after the zombie apocalypse.

1) Dead Secret

This is the VR game with the horror elements I’ve always said I was dreading, but after watching the trailer I need to play it. Now. Dead Secret puts you behind the notebook of a Detective, trying to solve a murder mystery without becoming the next victim. Spooky environments and an intriguing story. It’s all you need to convince me. Dead Secret seems like a game where you’ll be absolutely terrified every time I put the headset on, but you’ll have a great time playing. If you can’t wait to see Dead Secret on Playstation, it’s available now on Samsung Gear.

Like the Playstation VR headset itself, none of these games have a release date any more exact than 2016. It’s likely that these games were revealed to us just to act as a “we promise we’re on track and it’s coming” gesture. It’s a gesture I’ll happily take. After seeing these trailers I’m more excited for Playstation VR than ever; it looks like things are shaping up nicely.

Main Image © Sony