The Gadgette Christmas gift guide for students

Although if we're honest, they probably just want money

Image: Not On The High Street

Most Christmas gift-givers can barely remember when they were at uni, and it’s fair to say a lot’s changed since my mum’s day. If you’re buying for an undergrad this Christmas, here are 9 suggestions for things they’ll actually use – from me, an actual student. Can’t go wrong.

9. Touchscreen Gloves

Image: Topshop

As the weather outside is frightful, and student budgets don’t often stretch to putting the heating on, a pair of handy touchscreen gloves mean that you can still use your phone without the worry that your fingers will get frostbitten.

Topshop have a lovely range at £8 a pair.

Image: emojishop

For something a little more lighthearted, student life is full of nights out that involve dressing up and being obnoxiously creative on costumes, to save time and face paint, why not try an emoji mask?

Bring those cute characters to life with a range of styles, one for £2.39 or the whole lot for £230 from A real short-cut costume.

Image: iwantoneofthose

Students’ phones tend to go swimming on a regular basis. I even had one friend who drunkenly put her phone in her half-full cup of tea on her bedside table. Yikes.

Save the angst and multiple bags of rice and invest in some Splash water-resistant coating spray from I Want One of Those. At £12.99 we’re not promising you can fully submerge it, but it should help stop some accidental damage.

Student life seems to be spent predominantly looking for things, house keys, car keys, phones, laptops, the LOT.

The stylish Tile is a little Bluetooth tracker with its own app. You attach it to whatever you don’t want to lose, then use the app to find it – either by making a noise or following it on an app. Even better, if you use it to find your phone, it can make your phone ring when it’s on silent. Magic.

£29.99 from Amazon UK.

Whether you’re perfecting your X Factor audition or practising for the work Christmas karaoke outing, singing in the shower has been made easier with this great little portable speaker.

Amazon offer it at £6.69 so you can sing your heart out without breaking the bank.

Image: iwantoneofthose

We’ve all known the horror of running out of battery when out and about, and power banks have become staple items in many a handbag.

This Christmas why settle for a JUST a power bank when you could have a torch AND hand warmer alongside it.

This triple threat from will set you back £18.99, pretty good value when it saves you money on electricity and heating – although bear in mind that at 2300 mAh, it’s on the lower side capacity-wise.

Image: iconiclights

When winter comes, everyone on campus starts to look a little vampirish with bags under their eyes and minimal daylight hours. Students whiling away the winter nights studying in libraries and cramming for finals will really appreciate a little light in their lives.

To help cure the winter blues go to for one of the cheapest sun lights available, the portable light pad at £30.

Image: Skinny Dip

If you know what phone they’ve got, this is an easy win. Skinny Dip have everything from glittery unicorns to googly eyed fried eggs, and lots of styles are on sale too. They range from just £6.99 to £20.

Image: Not On The High Street

This may be stretching the student budget a little bit at £40 a pop, but it was too much fun to resist. has red, blue and chrome options.

The cute Clocky makes it impossible to stay snuggled under the sheets as it physically runs away from you until you turn it off. They’ll never miss a lecture again!