Geeky find of the week: magical flame prop OF DOOM

Everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked

Come on, who hasn’t at some point dreamed of having the ability to control the elements? You can’t tell me you haven’t stood in the shower and let the water stream over the top of your hand as you pretended to be a waterbender. And if you haven’t, try it. The power is illusory but uplifting. I always thought it’d be impossible for me to pretend to be a firebender without performing some very risky candle-based manoeuvres but our geeky find of the week this week has proved me wrong.

There’s no special powers, blood magic, or gauntlets needed when you’ve got this magical flame prop OF DOOM (never forget the ‘of doom’) from Eitanya Designs on Etsy. Check out a demo:

According to the official page, the prop is “crafted from PETG plastic and hand-colored and blended for a whispy, magical fire effect. The super-bright light is provided by a removable dual-sided light pod, which is shatterproof, waterproof, and uses replaceable CR2032 batteries.” The prop comes with a standard size strap which should fit up to 8 inches around and sit slightly loose.

You can purchase the flames in a variety of colours from Etsy for £27.30 with £8.87 delivery to the UK. Finally you can be the mage you always knew you were.

Image via Etsy