Margaret Atwood is writing a graphic novel series

It's called Angel Catbird. That's a name that will grab you

Today in things we didn’t realise we needed but we absolutely do: Margaret Atwood is going to be writing a graphic novel series. Teaming up with publisher Dark Horse Comics, artist Johnnie Christmas, and colourist Tamra Bonvillain, Atwood’s graphic novel is going to be called Angel Catbird. With a name like that, how could you not already be interested?

According to a press release from Dark Horse, Angel Catbird will follow the adventures of a superhero who is part bird and part cat, although the title kind of prepares you for something along those lines. In the release, Atwood gives a little more insight into the idea behind the series: “I have concocted a superhero who is part cat, part bird. Due to some spilled genetic Super-Splicer, our hero got tangled up with both a cat and an owl; hence his fur and feathers, and his identity problems.”

Okay, so it sounds delightfully silly on the surface, and like Atwood’s other works we imagine it’ll definitely have humour running through it. That said, considering her interest in environmental activism and previous explorations of animals and personal identity as well as the fact that the series is launching alongside the “Keep Cats Safe and Save Bird Lives” initiative from Nature Canada, it’s probably safe to assume that there’s going to be a more serious and pointed message to take from Angel Catbird too.

The first part of the 3 book series is due to be released sometime in 2016, the year when our lives are to be enriched by cat and owl based literature we didn’t realise we were severely lacking. Although we can’t help but wonder if Aquaman is cool with Angel Catbird turning his top into a pair of hotpants.

Image via Dark Horse Comics