Fallout Shelter has added pets

These updates are starting to feel a bit like Sims expansion packs

It’s really quite nice to see that Bethesda is still paying such close attention to maintaining and improving Fallout Shelter even though Fallout 4 has been released and proved to be a massive hit. The popular mobile game is getting its last update of the year, and there are some fun things being added to make sure you can have fun in the Fallout universe whether you’re a wandering former vault-dweller or an overseer.

Probably the most notable addition is pets; Dogmeat is a pretty loveable companion in Fallout 4, so the joy that comes from pet owndership should really be extended to Vault Dwellers the Wasteland over. Dogs and cats of different breeds will be available, so make sure you match pets and their owners well.

Sick of lazy vault-dwellers? Well, now you can kick them out. And don’t let them take their adorable new kitten with them. No mercy!

For the residents that do pull their weight and are permitted to stay, there are now new dialogue options and ways to impress other dwellers. Just as well, Mary was wondering how many more times Paul was going to use the same pickup line. She thought he was broken.

To make your overseeing easier, there’s now a sell all option in the inventory, and some more general management improvements and new objectives to keep things running as smoothly as possible.

Fallout Shelter is still free to download on Android and iOS.

Main Image via Bethesda