You could soon be eating chocolate by the slice

Sliced bread better watch its idiom

There aren’t many ways I wouldn’t consume chocolate – in brightly wrapped bars, melted over things, as ice cream, as a delicious hot drink (once I just ate the chocolate powder out of laziness but that was a dark day we need discuss no more) but I’ve never eaten it in slices. After seeing Japanese chocolate company Bourbon’s chocolate slices, though, I now absolutely want to.

The company has apparently made the slices possible with nama chocolate, a combination of chocolate and cream which creates a soft texture and taste that’s somewhere in between dark chocolate and milk. I mean, admittedly, it does kind of have the appearance of those slightly plastic looking slices of cheese that you can buy, which does make it less appetising, but just think of the possibilities! It’s perfectly bread shaped, you can cut it into interesting shapes, you can improve all other foods by wrapping it around them, you can just eat it by the slice. It’s a cocoa revolution.

After trawling though Bourbon’s website we weren’t able to find delivery to the UK, but we really hope we see this product released here soon. We need it.

Main Image © Bourbon