The Gadgette 2015 Christmas gift guide for music lovers

iTunes vouchers ain't gonna cut it this year, pal

“Music-lover” is a pretty broad term. While some could be hoping for Adele’s latest album, others would do anything to avoid answering that damn flip phone. Also, as great as vouchers are, it’s way more exciting to open up an actual gift than just another card. Confused? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back with 25 ideas to get you going whether you need to buy for a music-lover, or you need some help putting your own list together.


SONY h.ear

Image © SONY

What first strikes you about these headphones is the array of colours they come in – striking, bold and with a matte finish, they really are lovely lookin’. Not only do they look great, their ‘supreme simplicity’ ethos means they produce superior sound and they’re super comfortable to boot.

£129.99 from Currys

BackBeat SENSE

Image via Amazon

There’s plenty of wireless options out there to choose from but what’s great about these ones is their built-in smart sensors. Automatically pausing your music when you slip off the headphones, they not only preserve battery – that lasts for 18 hours FYI – you won’t lose your place in that badass track you were jamming to. We reviewed these ourselves, take a look!

£93.45 from Amazon UK

Positive Vibration

Image via Amazon

If you know someone who cares for both music and their impact on the environment, these Positive Vibration on-ear headphones could be the perfect go-between. Made using Earth-friendly materials, they come in two colours (copper and purple) but bad news for Android lovers – they only work with Apple products.

£44.99 from The House of Marley


Image via Amazon

These may be a little on the pricey side (around £349) but if you’re after some headphones that put noise-cancellation at the forefront of their design, these are the ones to go for. They may look a little bulky too but they’re incredibly light and their planar magnetic drivers means your music will sound top notch too.

£349 from Amazon UK



Image © Ultimate Ears

If you’re after a Bluetooth speaker that doesn’t look like every other speaker on the market, the UE Roll has a definitive design that not only allows you to attach it to just about anything (bike, bikini, breakfast bar – you name it) it’s also completely waterproof. Summer’s a long way off but this could be your go-to product for that sandy beach holiday. Might be good to let those other sunbathers know you’ll be blaring plenty of Bieber bangers.

£99 from Ultimate Ears


Image via Amazon

The AuraBox is the Inspector Gadget of the Bluetooth speaker world; not only is it a speaker, it’s also a lamp, digital palette, thermometer, and alarm clock. Claiming to be the ‘World’s first LED smart speaker’ it does look pretty badass once the lights get going. Think of it as one of those disco balls from the early 00s but like, much, much better.

£69.99 from Amazon UK

Boom! Boom!

Image © Binauric

This little speaker works on both Android and Apple products, with a gorgeous design that delivers around 15 hours of playback time. Not only does it let you play out your favourite tunes, you can also record 3D audio with your smartphone using it. Not bad for such a little product.

£106 from Binauric

ZAGG speaker case

Image © ZAGG

A lot of iPhone users listen to most of their music through their beloved device and this speaker case from ZAGG is the ultimate pairing. Amplifying anything and everything that comes out of your phone, it also has a rechargeable 1800mAh battery – an easy fix when you run out of juice.

£84.99 from ZAGG

SONY Mp3 player

Image via Amazon

Thought MP3 players totally weren’t a thing any more? Well, they absolutely are! Claiming to be like “going from standard definition to HD video,” this MP3 player means you’ll hear every breath, bash and beat on your favourite tracks, clearer than ever before. Really decent headphones are included too!

£239 from SONY centre

Fun Stuff

Interactive drum poster

Remember that moment in ‘Big’ where Tom Hanks plays a sweet tune on a giant keyboard? Well, this interactive poster from Novalia has taken inspiration from that and created a poster that actually plays the drums. You can create an entire drumbeat by simply pressing the different elements on the poster. Available for pre-order, you’ll want to snap this one up sharpish.

£45 from Novalia

Guitar Hero Live

Image via Amazon

It’s been five long years since we were gifted with a new edition of Guitar Hero but thanks to those guitar gods, it’s here just in time for the festive season. They’ve upped their game with Guitar Hero Live, allowing you to play small clubs to massive arenas. Your music-lover will finally be able to live their dream. Kinda.

Starting at £54.99 from GAME

Tascam TrackPack

Image via SCAN

If you’re into the production side of music, you’ll want to get practising with the recording process. This set from Tascam is the perfect entry-level home recording studio that is super easy-to-understand; it doesn’t compromise on sound and the folding headphones means this one is really easy to tote around.

£177 from Scan

Mini record player

Image © Light in the Attic

Record label Light in the Attic’s mission is simple: to release great music. Bringing out beautifully designed LP’s, they thought they’d go one up and produce this adorable mini record player. If Suzy from Moonrise Kingdom had a Christmas list, this would absolutely be on it. There’s back-upped pre-orders at the moment, so whilst it might not arrive just in time for Christmas, your music-loving pal will know it was definitely worth the wait.

Starting at £119 from Light in the Attic

DIY synth kit

Image via Urban Outfitters

If you’re tired of bro-dudes ignoring you in music shops and you just wanna get your hands on a goddamn synth without the token eye-rolls, then this little stocking-stuffer could be a gateway into synth heaven. Build your own mini synth and add any elements that tickle your fancy – a dub siren, stutter, or Atari, perhaps?

£24 from Urban Outfitters

DJ Control Compact

Image via Hercules

Have you ever wanted to bust out your decks during a particularly dull house party? NOW YOU CAN. This compact controller is the real deal and is perfect for those on-the-go emergencies. Maybe throw a party for your fellow commuters? Do some disc-jockeying at your gran’s birthday party? The world’s your oyster.

£59.99 from Hercules


Image © Jamstik

For budding guitar players that want to avoid the campfire scene, Jamstik+ is a modern choice that seamlessly connects to your devices. Learn the basics or nail your favourite tune with this portable little number that features real strings and frets. You can also download the app to help you along the way.

£219.95 from Apple UK

SUCK UK USB mixtape

Image via Amazon

Word on the street is, tapes are BACK. Trouble is, not many people actually own a tape player these days, so this USB mixtape is the perfect go-to for that vintage effect. Create the perfect playlist for your best pal, your crush, or your mum, with this little gift.

Starting at £17.08 from Amazon UK

Jack Rabbit headphone splitter

Image via Amazon

Don’t you just hate it when you get your wires crossed? Unknotting your favourite devices is not the ideal situation but thankfully this adorable headphone splitter is here to save the day. Cute and practical, what’s not to love?

£6.95 from Amazon UK

Bluw Tryble MP3 Mixing Deck

Image via Prezzybox

We know it’s frowned upon to not be a “real DJ” that mixes “real records” but honestly, who gives a crap when you can a tonne of fun mixing with just your iPod? No one wants to lug around a bunch of records when you can show off your skills with this handy gadget. This one’s for aspiring DJs everywhere.

£19.95 from Prezzy Box

TR-808 cushion

Image © Analog Sweden

Who wouldn’t want to adorn their home with a badass cushion plastered with their favourite synth? Analog Sweden have created the ultimate homage to the electro and hip-hop go-to tool; featuring all three models, the 303, 808 and 909, your front room will never look this good.

Starting at £27 on Analog Sweden

Guitar pick wallet

Image via Not on the High Street

Are you always losing your plectrums? We get it; they love to get away. Thankfully this handy wallet that can attach to your guitar, your bag, or simply sit in your pocket keeps them all together.

£17.50 from Not on the Highstreet

Subscription Services

Flying Vinyl

Image © Flying Vinyl

If you want to stay a little closer to home, Flying Vinyl are based right here in the UK, believing music to be an intimate and personal experience. Sending their members a monthly box filled with the best new alternative music printed onto beautiful 7” vinyl records, you always get at least 5 selections. This one starts from around £20 a month.

£20 from Flying Vinyl

Vinyl Me, Please

Image via Vinyl Me, Please Facebook

Claiming to be ‘The best damn record club,’ Vinyl Me, Please is like Record Store Day every month. Delivering a record especially pressed for them, you’ll also receive a custom cocktail pairing, art print, and special add-ons. Subscriptions start at around £25 a month.

Starting at £25 from Vinyl Me, Please

Too Pure singles club

Image via Too Pure Facebook

The guys at Too Pure champion the kind of artists that any music-lover would dig. A monthly subscription sees you receive a beautiful new 7” record as well as a bunch of other fun stuff. One year’s subscription is only £40 too!

£40 from Too Pure


Image via Jukely Facebook

If you’re the type of person that likes to discover new music as well as meet new people, Jukely is the new type of subscription service that gets you into a London gig, every night. At £25 a month, you receive guest list to a bunch of different genres, with acts both big and small.

£25 from Jukely

Main image © Ultimate Ears